memoria técnica

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memoria técnica

Post by Scott H Jackson on Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:25 am

Technical Report

Skype wrote:[8/22/15 10:23:20 AM] Scott H. Jackson: memoria técnica = technical report ?
[8/22/15 10:24:11 AM] Scott H. Jackson: according to linguee, it's Technical Report. Just wanted to check if you've seen this one before.
[8/22/15 10:24:38 AM] Max Luvecce: yeah
[8/22/15 10:24:43 AM] Max Luvecce: looked that one up
[8/22/15 10:24:57 AM] Max Luvecce: technical report is the one I used
[8/22/15 10:25:03 AM] Scott H. Jackson: perfect
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