"en este acto"

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"en este acto"

Post by Scott H Jackson on Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:52 pm

I've seen the phrase "en este acto" (appearing in the text of the contracts) translated in our TM a couple different ways: "in this act" and "hereby".

Looks like we need to be consistent with this one, because the phrase "en este acto" is commented on in some of the legal emails:

En el párrafo (a) de la opción 2 sugerimos cambiar "en este acto" por "con carácter simultáneo a la firma de este contrato" como dice el párrafo equivalente de las opciones 1 y 3.

I think "in this act" might fit better considering the context of the email text above.

Any thoughts?
Scott H Jackson
Scott H Jackson

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