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"bis" = "bis" (in italics)

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"bis" = "bis" (in italics) Empty "bis" = "bis" (in italics)

Post by Max Luvecce Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:35 pm

Source: Proz

French term or phrase: bis
I know that bis means the second item in a series. However, in the following context, that doesn't seem to make sense. How would bis be translated in this case:

"Les droits indiqués ne correspondent pas nécessairement à ceux qui sont calculès au niveau du résultat d'ensemble. Ils résultent d'un calcul effectué à partir des éléments portés sur les déclarations 2058-A bis et 2058 B bis"

United States

English translation:bis
It's Latin - don't translate it. Readers who are able to understand the content of the document will also understand this form of numbering of the document's sections.

And think for a moment about what will happen if you <i>do</i> translate it - as '(a)', for example. If someone else provides a bibliographic reference to that part of the text, using 'bis', no-one will ever find it! Just as you should never translate street addresses, or personal names, or ...

Ter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ter is a prefix or suffix designating the third instance of a thing, thus following bis and preceding quater. Ter may also refer to: River Ter, in Essex; Ter (album), ...
bis, ter, quater, quinquies - WordReference Forums
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Feb 26, 2009 - 12 posts - ‎9 authors
Ter would be three/third (just like bis is two/second), and quinquies would be five/fifth. Your list could also include quater: four/fourth. Imagine ...
Max Luvecce
Max Luvecce

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"bis" = "bis" (in italics) Empty Re: "bis" = "bis" (in italics)

Post by Scott H Jackson Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:35 pm

Sounds good. Let's leave it as "bis = bis"
Scott H Jackson
Scott H Jackson

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